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Aun recuerdo esos dias en los que colombia estava en guerra, la ciudad estaba en ruinas, eso es algo que nunca voy a olvidar. Me separaron de mi familia por 3 meses, la razon era por que todo varon tenia  que salir a luchar por su vida. Fueron los 3 meses mas duros y largos […]

shrike es una persona mala y gran  parte de su cuerpo es de metal. Las partes de el cuerpo de shrike que son metalicas son las manos, la mitad de la cabeza y la mitad de su torso. Shrike es muy feo con ojos berdes fosforesentes y grandes tambien es calvo. su gran amiga es […]

Hi my name is Carlos and I born in Murcia “Spain” in carabaca de la cruz in 2002.When I turned 3 years old I went to Colombia.In 2007 I moved to Spain “Valencia” to live there. In 2013 I moved to London and since then I have been doing just fine. I go to a […]

Carlos inform a from Joel North on Vimeo.

Hi my name is Carlos and today I want to talk to you about racism in our school. Racism is wrong because it offends people. In my opinion racism is the worst insult that can exist. Some students feel bad because other make fun of either their skin colour,culture and on my opinion can also […]

Thunder and lighting crash above a scottish moor three haggard old women, the witches , appear out as the storm. In eerie, chanting tones, they make plane to meet again upon the health, after the battle, to confront Mcbeth. As quickly as they dosappear  Scene 2  At a military camp near his palace at forres, […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway